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Femdom Lifestyles and Ideologies
A collection of original articles of Vivien Charmer. The website also includes a complete international guide for the search of the Mistresses.

The Woman First Institute
A free, erotic website providing original content to appeal to both women and men. Its predominant theme is female supremacy and women's sexual liberation with the assistance of male subservience from cuckolded partners and sissified husbands.

Conquer Him
An intelligent website seeking to take female lead relationships into the social mainstream.

Sacred Women
Sharing ideas and concepts that can positively change the direction of our societies and our world.

Femdom City
The preferred female domination directory online.

Mystic Mamma
Woman's wisdom and insight for empowering the bringers of life in this world.

Worshipping your Wife
Highly informative blog by an FLR couple who are living the lifestyle.

Dominant vs. Superior

This may be a post about semantics and if you use these two words interchangeably, then this post isn’t for you.

#Femdom in mainstream films

Since the early 1990s modern movie audiences have become fairly accustomed to seeing images of strong, powerful women dominating men, either in comic form or in films.

VIDEO: Male #Obedience Training (NSFW)

Orgasm control is an important part of your man's training in a female led relationship. When he truly wants a release but is not allowed, a part of him surrenders to your authority more and more.

Onyali Hails Female Supremacy

Former national athlete, Mary Onyali-Omagbemi has stated with delight the uncanny situation in which all of Team Nigeria’s gold medals at this year’s Commonwealth Games have been won by women, and jokingly told a battery of sportswriters in Glasgow, Scotland that it is a reflection of the new style of female supremacy. Add a comment

Why my children have my last name rather than my partner's

Children belong to their mother. I feel very very very strongly about this. I wouldn't agree to have children with my partner until I got him to agree that they would be MINE. Yes, from a biological standpoint, they are genetically half mine and genetically half his, but that's where the equality ends... Add a comment

If the woman I loved...

The supremacy and superiority of women is an unquestionable, undeniable, and indisputable fact of life. Add a comment
A lot of women, when a submissive male presents themselves, find the task of enslaving him too daunting. But by remembering these simple rules, you can easily benefit with no hassle at all.
Do women hold the key to a peaceful society? Much is known about the victimisation of women through rape, trafficking, and early marriages, but much is yet to be discovered about how women can be empowered in conflict settings to bridge the gap towards peace. Add a comment

In Praise of Womankind

A woman is always going to be more energetically powerful than you. She's always going to be more emotionally powerful than you. And, she's more sexually powerful than you. Period. Forever.

#Exhibitionism in Promotion of Female Supremacy

Sometimes a mistress/male slave relationship functions well with no pain or deprivation involved; simple exhibitionism being the prime mover in the bonding and promotion.
The following segment of a comic book was given to me long ago by a French submissive I was dating, he translated them for me and told me it was his fantasy. I'm not sure the title of this comic, so share if you do know...

His View: Matriarchy or Equality?

What does "matriarchy" mean and entail, and how does it relate to equality and patriarchy?
Has the notion female superiority been imprinted on the younger generation? Add a comment

NSFW: The Good Woman's Guide to #CBT

Cock and ball torture, or CBT as it is more commonly called, can involve a variety of things.

FILM: A Femdom Future in America 3000

America 3000 is a 1986 post-apocalyptic science-fiction cult film which takes place 900 years in the future in Colorado. Mankind has been reduced to Stone Age conditions and males are under the rule of Amazon-like women warriors. The film, directed by David Engelbach, and starring Chuck Wagner, Laurene Landon, and William Wallace, has some pretty cheesy 1980s dialogue, but is an interesting look at a world where women rule and men experience being second class citizens. Here, the Amazons rule the tribes and keep society functioning, the men, dumb and wild, are either kept as slaves and "seeders" or are living wild as animals. One pair of males, Korvis and his friend however, are intelligent enough to flee and found a tribe of their own. Will they manage to teach the women love to men again? Watch and see...

How to Control Your Man

The following is a list of things that you should be doing. Not everything will apply in every case, and there may be things not on the list that work for you.
Understanding and cultivating the dynamic that exists between a Mistress and her slave is much more than being able to master the technicalities of BDSM such as bondage or accurate Corporal Punishment.
Female supremacy or female domination (A.K.A.) ‘Femdom’ is a lifestyle that can be divided into three areas: Social, Domestic and Sexual...

VINTAGE COMIC: Dominant Damsel

In grandpa's days, stern ladies were figurative ball busters, where as today, it seems the ball busting is literally literal.

Advice to the #Domme in all of us

As a woman, I will never understand why other women don't take advantage of the fact that there are literally millions of men who desire nothing more than to be dominated by a strong female. Add a comment