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What is the one philosophy that drives Female-Supremacy.org?

We believe that no matter where a Woman goes, she should always be able to enjoy the simple pleasure of a good, well-trained man in a comfortable environment. 

At home, he would cook you breakfast while you sleep in or enjoy coffee while reading the morning paper.

Or perhaps during your travels in some foreign land, an eager Man, seeking no other pleasure than that your wishes shall be his law, will greet you like an old friend with flowers and a courteous bow.

After all, chivalry is a ritual that transcends all cultural boundaries. It makes us feel alert, energetic and alive when we play out our natural roles in reproduction.

And Enlightened Ladies, here at Female-Supremacy.org, we seek your input on the true state of womankind's reality, conversing with each other as confidants.

Where we began

Currently there are two Mother Cultures in the world, the dominant one being the Taker society, which takes what it wants through bloodshed, conquest and the stunting of human potential. Their lack of inter-group cultural sensitivities and the glorification of the Patriarchal ideals of war, bad vibes and consumption has left the future of our species in doubt, as we slowly destroy all that can't be hoarded for future consumption. 

The Takers do this by locking up the food, as well as by denying the sexual nature of all lifeforms. They do this to force us to toil for that which Mother Nature provides to us naturally; sustenance and a cradle to grave social network based on mutuality and respect for the primary force of creation in the universe; The Feminine Source.

The process of the Taker culture is that you must GET GOODS to MAKE GOODS to SELL to GET GOODS to MAKE GOODS and so on. Eventually this system concentrates the bulk of the wealth into the hands of the few. The Goddess Culture seeks to rebuild the old way, in which a person GIVES SUPPORT to their community and GETS SUPPORT from their community. Of course we will need to ween society off the Taker Process by putting males under the financial control of the Matriarchs, the wiser sex.

And sadly, over the last 10,000 years, from the Fertile Crescent to all points of the globe, the Taker Society has spread everywhere it could establish a foothold, and has left in their wake; pointless wars, ethnic conflicts, extinction, a system of artificial law, (created in the full foreknowledge that they will be broken), and desertification wherever it has become the dominant culture.

But there is a much older civilisation that evolved for much longer than this, in equilibrium with the environment, without bloodshed or suffering, in comfort and enlightenment. They tended the Earth and served the women as bringers of life and superior in all aspects to man. 

They were Gynarchist of the Ancient World, the Age of Tau, and through the guidance of these ancestors they built the Earth into a paradise that lasted until their overthrow by the worshippers of the War Gods; 

the Semites, large nomadic tribes of womanless men (Semites; Semen), whose banishment from the cities of humanity, left them to wander the ancient forests of Southern Europe, warring and killing and eating meat. 

Eventually their appetites consumed the ancient knowledge and plunged us in the Dark Ages that we now live in.

How can Female-Supremacy.org make a difference?

 We seek to pass down the knowledge learned as students of The Goddess Mythologies. We have learned as an apprentice in the service of womankind from all forms of media. From textbooks, the Internet, mainstream publications and the fetish community, Female-Supremacy.org's standards for information are never compromised. We only select material of an educational or instructional nature, with no lo-res image quality or non-female friendly writing styles ‚ strictly hard facts or strictly home grown ‚ gynarchist literature. 

To ensure the survival of our species, a thorough respect of Womankind is preserved, with extraordinary steps taken to obey, honour and respect the wishes of all Superior Women. We hereby dedicate our lives to protect the Mother of our Species from threat, stress, or discomfort by being a Man worth owning and not some selfishly masochistic fetishist.

All these efforts are made so that we may rebuild the Natural World.

There are so many places you could go to find information like this. We've gone to extraordinary efforts to ensure that Female-Supremacy.org is your best choice.

The quality time to begin training males for their roles in the world of tomorrow begins at conception. If you wish to become impregnated by one of your studs, try to include for both of you a steady diet of Royal Jelly during the impregnation stage, as this will increase the chances of conceiving a preferable female offspring instead of another unnecessary male. 

Female Supremacists rely on selective gene picking to guide the evolution of our species, a naturally occurring intensive pre-mating process that involves conditioning several males at a time (polyandry) from amongst the specimens whom have the fondest traits you seek. 

Then, using orgasm control and an increase of oestrogen intake from prolonged periods of Queening and oral worship, you select the top grade male, one who will both serve and protect, as well as provide for you and your offspring's comfort by living his life according to however you feel is best for him. 

The male ego often needs controlling by slapping, command positioning, a strictly administered hard beating or other strictly high levels of behaviour modification, which, once learned becomes unnecessary to apply frequently. There's the added bonus in which it emotionally and sexually bonds him to you and increases his usefulness to serving your needs.

And let's face it ladies, it's quite fun to be in control of a grown male human animal.

Males that have grown up in a minimum to two generations of Matriarchal family rule make the most ideal candidates for owning, as they have had an optimum amount of exposure to women in control. However, many men are genetically hardwired to submit for your favours and can be easily domesticated. This is our strength ladies, learn it, live it, love it. Just make sure he knows that you're in control

Within minutes of introducing himself to you, the male should make it plain that he respects you and is willing to follow your lead. Dismiss any men who don't show the proper respect for your role within our species, they are most likely Double YY chromosomal defects unworthy of your guidance, and should never be allowed to breed.

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