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Tired of not getting any clicks on your web advertising?Tired of not getting any clicks on your web advertising?

Whether you're a prospective advertiser or an existing advertiser looking to improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, have we got some exciting news for you!

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Let's face it, there has been a declining return on your advertising dollar now that people are becoming "banner blind". They've learned where the ads are and have trained their mind to "turn off" that part of the page. So your advert sits there in a static position and you're losing potential customers. We know, we practically live on the internet and it's happened to us too. I'm sure our readers all over the world think so too.

Welcome to advantage! We've done away with the blind zones and the fixed positions and put the ads right there in the flow of the content, where customers are looking for something to catch their eyes and their imagination. So your ad is guaranteed to be seen, no matter what device or computer the customer is viewing the site with, from smartphones to tablets to the biggest screens. And best of all, it's very affordable for every advertising budget! has the most competitive fixed ad prices on the internet, with ads starting at just $50 a month.

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Below are some examples of the most common ad banner sizes clients use for their online advertising purposes. As banner ad sizes for many websites vary depending on different publisher's standards, many advertisers end up out of pocket paying a designer to create a custom size ad in order to conform to that publisher's particular ad sizes.

But thanks to's unique site design, you can use any of your existing ads without having to resize or redesign! Our responsive website allows you to place your ads by the column width, single, double or triple column width, and they responsively resize to fit the display of all of our reader's devices.

Our base ad unit is 200 x 200 pixels in size, or 40,000 pixels square. We then base our prices as a percentage increase of that base unit size. To make your advertising even more effective, (unlike other websites which only show your ad in one position on the page, usually in the blind zones), your ad loads repeatedly in the article wall, nested amongst the content where reader's attention is focused! And because an ad shows with every seven articles, it can appear in more than one location at a time! Or, if you wish, you can target your ads to appear in just one category, to better target your potential customers.

Single Column Width Double Column Width Triple Column Width




Banner ad sizes on typically display as 1 column, 2 column or 3 column. The variation in price then occurs based on the proportion of the size and resolution of your banner. The definition of banner ad sizes include "horizontal", "vertical", "skyscraper", "square" and other descriptions, any size you want!

Banner ads were at the forefront of the web explosion in the mid to late 90s. Eventually, over time, people have become "banner blind" training their mind through habit to "not see" the right hand column and the ads there. Eventually new advertising models emerged to get back in the attention zone, but in reality were based on annoying pop up ads and ads that crawl out over the content. But today, we're putting your ads in the "focus zones" without annoying the reader, to ensure your ad gets seen and customers find your business!

Thanks to our new site design, you now have greater flexibility in determining what banner ad sizes you wish to run. What banner ad sizes should you choose? This may be determined by your marketing message. If you have mostly text, a simple long rectangle banner ad size could suffice. If you have more graphical imagery, a large square or skyscraper banner ad size may be needed. Or on, ANY variation inbetween!

In summary, test various banner ad sizes to come to the optimal mix for your marketing purposes. Remember that banner advertising offers two great ways to get your message out there: one by repeated displaying of your message and brand, and two by generating strong call to action for your prospects. Whatever your banner ad size, if you're a marketer looking for the right website to fit your needs, you can find them all at, so This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Single Column Width Banner Size Examples
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240x400 banner ad size240x400 banner ad size
240x400 - $80
200x200 banner ad size200x200 banner ad size
200x200 - $50
226x280 banner ad size226x280 banner ad size
226x280 - $66
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 400x600 banner ad size400x600 banner ad size
400x600 - $125 a month
Double Column Width Banner Size Examples
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 392x72 banner ad size392x72 banner ad size
392x72 - $50 a month
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500x350 banner ad size500x350 banner ad size
500x350 - $150 a month
Top of Page
550x480 banner ad size550x480 banner ad size
550x480 - $180 a month
Triple Column Width Banner Size Examples
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720x300 banner ad size720x300 banner ad size
720x300 - $225 a month


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