17 Ways That Science Proves Women Are Superior To Men

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Striking differences in brain wiring between men and women

Male brains facilitate connectivity between perception and coordinated action. Female brains facilitate communication between the analytical and the intuitive.

VIDEOS: Different Male #Milking Techniques for More Control (NSFW)

With Male Chastity becoming ever more popular either as a lifestyle or occasional kink, prostatic milking of males is also ever-increasingly referred to, discussed and probably practised.

NSFW: What is a "ruined #orgasm"? (video)

Someone asked, “I understand orgasm denial - the bigger the buildup, the bigger the release in the end. I understand pussy worship - don't we all. What I don't understand the "ruined orgasm" thing. What's in it for him?”

NSFW: Male Cock Control and #Orgasm Management (Video)

Chastity Mistress Cassandra explains the various phases of masturbation management and orgasm control.

The Evolution Of #Cunnilingus

There is a mystery about female sexuality in the way many women enjoy sexual pleasure. Logically women should enjoy sex through having a p*nis inside her, but for many women this is not the case.

REPRINT: The Future is #Female

The male species is doomed, says Bryan Sykes, professor of human genetics at Oxford University. And a woman-only world is possible.

Reasons why men should worship #women

All this information is backed up by scientific proof.

Females - Superior by Choice, Design and Default

In the beginning there were no sexes, and reproduction was by binary fission. Then some bacteria indulged in sex. A Good Samaritan bacterium, on coming across a distressed bacterium with damaged DNA, injected a spare copy of intact DNA into the sick one via a temporarily erected passage, to restore and replenish the sick one's genes. That is how sex began before gender.

Why men are the weaker sex

Men are stronger than women. We're bigger, tougher and have more muscle mass. We're decisive and we lead naturally (usually while facing into the wind with a chiseled chin). So it may come as a surprise to learn that by practically every measure, save for physical prowess, men are, by some margin, the weaker sex.

Ball busting, the built in control mechanism

We’ve all seen the images in movies and cartoons. A man or teenage boy is crouched over, knees slightly bent. He’s got a funny look on his face. He’s just been whacked in the nuts by some woman and it’s hilarious.