In this informative book for men, M. Lyman Hill takes a look into, what, exactly, is a wife led relationship and how men can demonstrate the benefits to their partners.

#BOOK EXCERPT: Sultana's Dream

The following was originally published in The Indian Ladies Magazine, Madras, India, 1905, in English, and tells the dreamy and fanciful tale of a woman who encounters a world where women rule.

The Henpecked Club – a two century fellowship of #submissive husbands

Female-led relationships are nothing new, even back in ancient Greece the phenomenon was well known then and throughout patriarchal history, even though it was rarely acknowledged as a healthy lifestyle.

NSFW COMIC: Giving #pigmales a taste of their own medicine

The following segment of a comic book was given to me long ago by a French submissive I was dating, he translated them for me and told me it was his fantasy. I'm not sure the title of this comic, so share if you do know...
Although the authors insist this tome "is not an apologia for sadomasochism," it often reads like one.

VINTAGE COMIC: Dominant Damsel

In grandpa's days, stern ladies were figurative ball busters, where as today, it seems the ball busting is literally literal.
If your partner has any kind of submissive tendency, and if – like me – you're enthusiastic yet clumsy when it comes to wielding a whip and calling someone a 'filthy puppy', at some point you may well have heard the two most terrifying words in the English language: "Surprise me."
Is #patriarchy doomed?
Is this age of Jihad a dying cry of the old order? Is it now time for men to step aside and let women rule?

The Natural Superiority of Women by Ashley Montagu

Among the central issues of the modern feminist movement, the debate over biology and culture over sex and gender, over genetics and gender roles has certainly been one of the most passionately contested. Making revolutionary arguments upon its first publication in 1953, The Natural Superiority of Women stands as one of the original feminist arguments against biological determinism.