Alpha women rule the roost and men don't seem to mind

Pew Research conducted a survey of about 1,700 homes to see how decision making dynamics work. The poll found that in 43% of home women exerted more decision making power than men and that men don't seem to object to that. 

False Stereotypes of Female Domination

Dominant women as depicted in the mass media and popular culture is false and misleading...

Biblical proofs confirming the superiority of #women over men

Patriarchy has corrupted the original teachings of the Mother Goddess that humanity knew as primal truths for millennia before the Taker Society of men came about. Yet, even reading their books of oppression, the underlying truth is still revealed.

#Women have men on the run!

Biology, Physiology, Sociology, Psychology, Communications, Interpersonal Relations, Parenting Skills, Academic Life, Managerial Ability, and more — the verdict is in: Males are clearly the weaker sex!

Kali the Destroyer

You look at the scary, fanged images of bloodthirsty Kali and wonder, perhaps, how such a horrible image could inspire in anyone a religious frame of mind. How is it that Kali the Bloody, Kali the Devourer, can also be called the Well of Compassion?

The Modern #Bride (a poem)

The modern bride is nothing like, the blushing bride of old
She is the women of the new millennium, strong and proud and bold
She will be the household head, the one who gives commands
Her husband now belongs to her, to rule over as she demands

Can #Femdom Save our World?

It is very easy to get a discussion with other people on what is wrong with the world. Unfortunately it is very difficult to find anyone with sensible solutions to make the world a better place, that hasn't been tried before and failed.
Not long ago I came out to my mother as a professional dominatrix. I had expected her to be upset about the commercial aspect of my work, and was ready with an arsenal of pro-sex work arguments.

A Man Pet is a Girl's Best Friend!

Female Domination of the consenting male in certain instances is the natural evolution of sexual relationships in society as it undergoes massive changes.

The elegant pie in the face #femdom art of Bakerman

While art psychologists are reexamining cave art with an eye of their authors actually being cave bound women teaching the kiddies about the “killer men”, it is known that males also drew their visions on cave side walls.

The Seven Truths for a Wife's domination of her spouse

Women are better workers, thinkers, managers; negotiators, and team builders, less easily intimidated or controlled; more decisive; better at details; stronger wills, better skills; stronger; smarter; emotionally more stable; live longer… so who is the weaker sex?

When a woman recites Goddess Mantra, she becomes a Goddess.

Ancient Tibetan mantras for gaining mother wisdom.

In Praise of #Cats

Cat - a magical animal cat - one of the most magical animals on earth.

Towards a Society Run by Women

Here is Christian Home editor's reply to a letter from a reader named Antonio;

The Awakening Goddess

Back in 1982 Edward C. Whitmont, a Jungian psychologist, wrote a book called Return of the Goddess.