Training with Cuckolding

Cuckolding must be taught and applied to enact female supremacy, to maximize the female control, to instill a sense of fidelity and pain of infidelity in your man, and to break male jealousy. Add a comment

10 Secrets to Tame Your Men

This repost comes to us from a popular blogger in Singapore, who, being tired of South East Asian patriarchy, especially the exisitence of the Obedient Wives Club which has spread from Singapore to Malaysia, Indonesia, and some Arab countries, has decided to form the Obedient Husbands Club...

Introduction to Male Spanking

The atmosphere is perfect – candles lit, incense burning, sexy music filling the room. Your man comes to you, deliciously naked skin glowing in the candlelight...

11 nights to turn your male into your slave

How to make your vanilla husband or boyfriend interested in femdom.

The 3R's of Femdom: Routines, Rituals, and Randomness

I believe that a good FLR incorporates a combination of Routines, Rituals, and Randomness. This is what I refer to as the three R's of Femdom.

8 steps to turn any man into your slave

Hey ladies – You can turn any man into your boot-licking love slave with these tips from a top psychiatrist.

The “Ruined” Orgasm - A Visual Guide (NSFW)

The so-called "ruined" orgasm is one of the most intensely pleasurable, toe-curling, sweat-inducing, back-arching, fist-clenching, teeth-gnashing, brain-bending tricks you can use in the bedroom to drive your man into an animal sexual frenzy and ultimate submission.
Is it possible to achieve the unconditional obedience by your sub? Is it possible to shape him to fit your ideas and avoid any possible topping from the bottom? Add a comment

Your New Male Slave

So you've taken a slave. Congratulations! Chances are, you really haven't given much thought to 'What now?' Add a comment

Is there a difference between a slave and a submissive?

Indeed there is. There always has been in my mind. Currently, my Dragon is having a bit of difficulty with someone who doesn't understand that there IS a difference between being in a Dom/Sub relationship and being in a Master/Slave relationship.

Using humiliation to control your male

For many women humiliating their husband can be a very erotic and powerful emotion and activity...
If you're like most women, you notice different behaviours from your male depending on how frequently he orgasms...

Seven tips for keeping your Lady in a #femaleledrelationship

Boy, you have no idea how lucky you are to have landed a dominant woman as your wife. But as the literature of the mid-century’s patriarchal minds told us, she’s one pile of dirty socks away from leaving you. Eyes open and mouth shut boys. It’s about to get real....

A Lazy Domme's Guide to Prostate Milking

You hear a lot about prostate milking on the web, but it's actually much less common than it's made out to be.

How to Control Your Man

The following is a list of things that you should be doing. Not everything will apply in every case, and there may be things not on the list that work for you.

VIDEO: How to Break Your Man (NSFW)

In a world where most men feel they have to act tough just to make it through... As a woman, you should be the one who creates that vulnerability-inviting space for him.
Create the most responsive, devoted, robust lover of your dreams!

Orgasm Control and Deciding When Your male cums

If I had known how astoundingly easy it would be to control hubby and make him crave opportunities to make me happy, I would have taken control of his orgasms years ago. 

How to Train a Man

Let me let you in on a little secret: Despite all their posturing, men are actually really vulnerable to women, and most men will do anything to hide this. 

How Do I Please My Lady?

You want to please your Lady, but you’re not sure how to go about it. It’s a lot to consider, when you think about it. What do you say? What do you do? 

Its easy being dominant, just remember these ten points!

A lot of women, when a submissive male presents themselves, find the task of enslaving him too daunting. But by remembering these simple rules, you can easily benefit with no hassle at all.
One of the most difficult things for a man to do when he's practicing male chastity and orgasm denial, is physically to stop his orgasm when he's actually making love to his wife. 

Before punishment #spanking, spank for fun!

While most women in female led relationships only use corporal discipline for corrective punishments, to eliminate unwanted behaviours in their males (and it is very effective for this), there is much to be said for the woman starting out on this path to make a game of it in the beginning, to condition the male to the concept of spanking in ways his immature mind can accept.

Characteristics of a Successful #Dominatrix

Considering upgrading from being a dominant woman to a pro-dominatrix? There are several differences in approach you might want to consider as you evolve your skill set to deal with the pro-domme world.

How I use Chastity to Train Male Subs

One of my lovely followers recently asked me to talk about Chastity and Release. Here is my chastity training philosophy, in a nutshell:

What is a #FLR?

Today I am going to talk about a topic that has been preoccupying my thoughts recently, due to a conversation with one of my boys the other night, the F.L.R., or FEMALE LED RELATIONSHIP, is a concept as old as time, but not one that is part of the common consciousness.

How to bring out the natural dominance of your wife or girlfriend

No matter how much you think that she is obedient, modest or conservative, under her innocent shell lies a real woman who is ready to take control of her man.

VIDEO: Male #Obedience Training (NSFW)

Orgasm control is an important part of your man's training in a female led relationship. When he truly wants a release but is not allowed, a part of him surrenders to your authority more and more.

Ask Anything: Tasks to See if a #Submissive is Serious About Training

A Reader Asks: “What would be a good assignment for a sub to see if he is serious about being trained?”
Is it still a man's world, or has society become feminised? Do woman still need to burn their bras to make some sort of political statement? Yes we are getting ahead and our daughters outdo the boys in education, but on the whole it is still a man's world.