11 nights to turn your male into your slave

With the right training, any man can be made useful

How to make your vanilla husband or boyfriend interested in femdom.

There are many women in vanilla relationships who are interested in female domination relationships, and I've been asked many times:

Is there a way to make a vanilla husband or boyfriend to be submissive to me?
How can I make my vanilla husband to be interested in femdom?
How can I make my husband obey and serve me?

Well, there is a way...

For the sake of convenience, I will use the term "submissive male", although it is inaccurate. The right term is "a male with a desire to be dominated by a woman." Since he can be dominant by nature, but has a strong desire to submit.

So the right question for this post is: How can I make my husband love to be dominated by me?

General information

There are a lot of males who have a desire to be dominated by their wives or girlfriends.

They love and desire to serve, obey and worship their wives. They feel a need to submit to their wives or girlfriends. And when they do, they experience happiness and satisfaction.

But their submissive desire is not something that comes out of the blue. There was a trigger that caused it.

So what was the trigger that caused a man to like female domination?

The most common reason is related to a desire that evolved during childhood or youth. He had an experience with a dominant girl, or a female with authority, who caused him to be sexually aroused.

It can be a babysitter that he found attractive, and she had a dominant nature. It can be a good-looking classmate who was dominant, and he liked her. Of course, there are many males who got the desire later during their adulthood for the same reasons.

Well, my main point is that you can try to imitate and start the desire in your husband, for you!

These steps are based on something that I have done with my friend. She wanted the same lifestyle as mine, but her husband was vanilla. I guided her through all steps, and the result was beyond our expectations. Today they have permanent domination/submission relationship.

It may or may not work for you, since every man reacts differently to new things.

However, If you succeed, it will worth the effort you put in.

Good boy. When I come back home, I want to see you have done all the chores I gave you.

First you should get to know your enemy; his ego. It is likely that his ego will raise up during your attempts to dominate him. It is natural, because even if he likes it, he will feel the need to protect his manhood.

Handling his ego is quite simple. Just follow these three rules:

1. Flatter him a lot about his willing to submit and cooperation. Do it after the act or even during the act if you see he needs it.

A few examples:

  • " It's great to see you let me have control. It shows you are a real man"
  • "You are so sexy when you let me have control. You are turning me on!"
  • "You are such a cool husband, not like other pathetic males who need to show their manhood like losers, you're really confident in yourself"

2. Know when his ego is rising up, ease up and let go of your domination until next time.

3. After the act, he may try to dominate you back to prove his manhood. Let him be a bit dominant.

The ego handling is just a temporary situation. He will feel less and less the need to show his manhood as time goes by, until it will disappear.... at this point you know you have eliminated his ego when he is with you. And he will let himself submit to you easily.

There are two sections in my post:

A. Bring domination into the bedroom: In this section you start and create the bond between your domination and his sexual desires, that will lead to a great desire to be dominated by you.

B. Bring domination outside the bedroom: In this section you are starting to use his sexual desire for your domination. He will happily serve you and obey you also outside the bedroom.

A. Bring domination into the bedroom.

He should be very satisfied during this section, because you will make him cum a lot. It will seem that you are focusing on his pleasure, but your hidden target here, is to create the bond between his sexual desire and your domination.

Sexual desire is every man Achille's heel, and you are going to use it...

If you succeed in all steps, you will spark his sexual desire to be dominated by you. This desire will grow over the time, and he will dream and fantasize about you dominating him.

Guidelines for this section :

  • Start small, go slow. Start to add dominant behaviors to the bedroom gently.
  • When you plan a night together, let him know in advance. Make him build the desire in anticipation and make himself available for it.
  • Do not reveal your mission (to make him love your domination). Just do it.
  • Do not use offensive words! Words like loser or dumb-ass will turn him off at this level.
  • Handle his ego as mentioned earlier.
  • I divided the steps into nights. Repeat the same night level until you feel comfortable enough to move to the next night.

Let's start....

The 1st Night

Start simple with the obvious domination position... Have sex with him and be on top. You can skip this step if you are already on top frequently...

The 2nd Night

Get handcuffs. A lot of couples are using handcuffs to bring some kink to their bedroom.

Handcuff him to the bed. If you cannot, try a different way to tie his hands.

I recommend metal handcuffs, since the metal gives a real domination effect...

I love to see you this way... Now shut up and let me abuse you.

The 3rd Night

Now start to be a little more dominant. Use the handcuffs again. But this time hold his cock in your hand and give him pleasure softly and gently. While you play softly with his cock, tell him that you like him tied up, that he is sexy like that. Tell him that now you can do whatever you want with him, that you are the mistress, and he is your slave.

His hard-on will reveal whether he likes it or not...

If he cooperates, continue a bit more. Ask him "Who is my slave?" he should answer that he is your slave.

Make him cum (hand-job, blow-job or inside you, however you wish).

"You are my slave, you love it, don't you? Tell me I'm your mistress".

Important: From this night forward when you make him cum, he will need to beg for it. He is aroused and tied, and his orgasm is completely depending on you. Whether you are using a hand-job or a blow job, when he is close to cumming, hold his cum by getting slower and ask him to beg you.


You: Do you want to cum?
Him: Yes!!
You: Beg me!
Him: Please please let me cum
You: say, "Mistress, I'm your slave, please let me cum"
Him: Mistress, I'm your slave, please let me cum!

Each time you will make him beg more and more, and use "domination" words.


"I beg you my goddess, please let me cum"
"I will serve you and be your slave forever, please goddess!"
"I will worship you at your feet every day, please goddess!"

He is cumming and being dominated at the same time.

The 4th Night

Do the same as the 3rd night, but this time he will be naked, and you will remain dressed.

When only he is naked, It will make him feel like an object. He will feel your power.

The 5th Night

Same as the 4th night, But this time also make him give you orally please you while he is handcuffed.

Lick it and make me cum!

The 6th Night

Follow the same step as the 5th night, but this time after dominating him as before, leave him handcuffed, go out and take a short break. Let him stay there alone... he will stay there powerless, depending on you.

When you get back, let him know he was a good boy and continue with the domination.

The 7th Night

Go to the nearest pet shop and buy a collar and a leash for a big dog. Go home and wrap it as a gift.

When you get to bed with him, give him the gift. Before he opens it, say that you brought him a little gift, and if he agrees to wear it, it will be such a turn on for you.

If he says not today, show a bit disappointment, but leave it aside. Tell him "ok, maybe another time".

If he agrees (I'm sure he will if you passed the other nights), go on and put the collar on him and attached the leash.

Once it's on, you hold the leash all the time.

Tell him that you own him now and ask him to give you oral pleasure.

Have sex with him (holding the leash)...

You are my pet now. I am your owner.

The 8th Night

Do the same as the nights before. Collar him and attache the leash. This time be more dominant verbally. Tell him that he is your slave and now that you hold the leash he will do whatever you tell him.

Give him few orders: Bow down before me, kiss my feet, walk next to me like a good dog and so on.

If he agrees to be leashed, I guarantee he knows where it's going, and he loves it.

The 9th Night

Get your feet next to his face and order him to kiss your feet.

After a few minutes, ask him to lick and worship your feet. Use the word "worship" so he will know what he is actually doing.

Important: A few words about foot worship... It is not a surprise that every male with a desire to be dominated loves to worship the feet of his mistress. The reason is that kissing the a woman's feet is an expression of submission.

Unlike foot fetishists, when submissive male worships his mistress's feet, he is worshiping her. Many submissive males claim that the act of foot worship is similar in many ways to a religious worship. It's true. I see the total devotion and submission in the eyes of my slaves when they worship me at my feet.

Foot worship is very crucial for submission. This is something you want to do and create the same effect.

I know that many women are embarrassed to do it, and some are ashamed of their feet. I can only say, get rid of the shame and embarrassment and enjoy the great feeling having your feet worshiped.

If you just got out of the shower and your feet smell and taste like soap, I advise to walk a bit barefooted so the natural smell will return. The smell of soap will destroy what you want to accomplish...

Kiss your goddess's feet. Worship me.

The 10th Night

Do the same as before, but this time you should turn him around and spank him with an open hand on his bare bottom. Tell him he was a bad boy, and he needs to be punished.

Important: A few words about punishment... In D/S, punishment is used for discipline. But if a submissive man like to be punished, is it really punishment?The answer is yes. Submissive males don't really like punishments. They only love that the mistress has the power to punish and discipline them. It makes them feel enslaved and committed to obey their powerful mistress who holds the whip. When you'll use the whip for real punishment, you see that he will become more submissive and obedient. He will respect you and the power you have.

When I and my husband started to explore female domination, I remember my husband bought a whip for the "game". One day during our "game" he pissed me, off so I used the whip for punishment. He moaned and I could see he was in pain, but my decision was to punish him. Afterwards, I noticed that he started to respect my authority immediately and obey my commands without questions.

I continued to use the whip that day, and he got more and more obedient. On the next day, I felt bad about it, so I asked him if I caused him too much pain. He said yes, but this is the first time he felt I really have power over him. He felt submissive and obedient, and he liked it a lot. Since then, that whip has become my best friend....

Now let's go back to the hand spanking...

At this point, you are trying to bring in punishment as a concept only. It's not really punishment. It's more a statement that you can punish.

In the future, you will use the whip for real punishments...

You are a bad boy and need to be punished!

The 11th Night

Order him to get naked in the bedroom, put the collar on his neck and wait for you on his knees, down on the floor. Before he goes, tell him that if he does not do exactly what you asked he will be punished.

Let him wait for you about 15 minutes. Go to the bedroom and check if he was obedient.

Once he is ready in the right position, get closer to him and ask him to bow down before his goddess. Order him to kiss your feet.

Tel him that you are not pleased with his worship. Hold his head between your legs and spank him hard 5 times. It does not really matter how he kissed you feet. This is just an excuse.

I'm not pleased, you will get punished again.

After the first punishment, do it again. Order him to worship your feet while you are standing in front of him. He will worship better, but you are still not pleased. Hold his head again and spank him hard five times.

The third time, do the same. However, this time you will spank him 10 times. His spanked ass will turn red.

Order him to stand up. Get close to his face and tell him he is your slave, tell him he should be obedient and so on.

Kiss him or let him kiss you. It's time to make love with him freely. It does not matter who is on top.

Now you will see the passion your dominance causes him...

B. Bring domination outside the bedroom

Once you see he loves your domination in the bedroom, it's time to take it out outside. Now it time for you to enjoy the fruits of the seeds you planned in section A and start your real domination.

The slavery bracelet:

Buy him a man's bracelet. This bracelet will use for your domination from this day forwards. A metal bracelet is preferred since metal is stronger, durable and symbolized power.

This bracelet will be the sign for his slavery and your domination.

When it's on his wrist, It will mean that he has complied to your domination and is obligated to serve and obey you.

The bracelet rules:

  1. Once it's on his wrist, he is not allowed to take it off. You are the only one who is authorized to take it off.
  2. As long as it's on his wrist, he is your slave, and you are his owner.
  3. He is obligated to accept his punishments.

Make sure to force these rules. He must respect these rules and treat like it a sacred bracelet.

Ok, let's start your first day of domination.

Start as the former section. Take him to the bedroom, handcuff him and start the tease and domination.

But this time, you will not let him cum. Yes, you are adding sexual denial in this section.

During your domination tease, introduce him to the bracelet.

Before you put the bracelet on him, explain the rules of the bracelet.

Ask him if he accepts the rules...(Either yes, or you will not make him cum today).

Once he agrees, put the bracelet on his wrist, but do not remove the handcuff yet.

Turn him over so his ass will be exposed up.

Tell him "darling, I will demonstrate now what will happen if you remove the bracelet by yourself or disobey me."

Use the whip and 5-6 times hard. Remember he agreed to accept punishment a minute ago...

Remove the handcuff. Now you have him as your slave for 24-hours. Go and lay down on the sofa and start to give him orders. Use strict orders and be demanding.

Examples of things he should do:

  1. Serve you in any way you want.
  2. Do some house chores like washing the floor, cleaning the kitchen laundry and so?
  3. He should refer to you as mistress or goddess during his slavery period.
  4. He should worship your foot at your command.
  5. Punish him with the whip if you are not pleased.

After 24-hours take him back to the bedroom and handcuff him once again.

Tell him he was a good boy, and you are very pleased with his obedience.

Make him cum in any way you wish. Remove the bracelet and the handcuffs.

The start in the bedroom and allowing his orgasm at the end is only temporary, and the first times you are dominating him outside the bedroom.

I will stop at this point.

This post was written to get him interested in femdom. If you have experience with domination, I'm sure you know how to take it forward. For those who don't, I may write a post about it in the future. It depends on the demand.

Good Luck.

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