Jane's advice on controlling your male

Knowing themselves vulnerable to women, men become narcissistic; knowing the penis to be the particular instrument of your power over him, a man will instinctively attempt to impress you with his. Add a comment

WTF is up with stupid, pathetic, idiot MEN?

A rant about those males who think only of themselves by Mrs. Claudia....

Femdom Husband Training: #Spanking and ‘The Ten’

The Ten is intended as a framework for basic FemDom husband training covering an agreed upon period of time, likely between four to six weeks. It is very simple. Add a comment

Controlling your male's social activities

In the two years I've been married to my foreign husband, I've made sure as part of my control over him to regularly monitor who he is allowed to associate with... and there are many good reasons why you should too. Add a comment

Ms. Charlotte: Teaching the male to know his place

Personally I am not in favour of mixing my husband’s punishments with anything even remotely erotic but I am strongly in favour of psychological emasculation being an integrated part of all aspects of everyday life. Add a comment

You can’t put a price on love… but I can!

In many ways Financial Domination or Money Slavery is as normal as any male/female partnership. Add a comment

Ladies – adopt the lifestyle

This will be devoted to persuading and assisting other women to adopt the sort of lifestyle I enjoy. I can say with some smugness that I am the most content and happy woman I know. So many other women could enjoy the life I enjoy.   Add a comment

When your man earns the privilege of #orgasm

First of all, I’m convinced it is very healthy for a man to ejaculate frequently and not be subjected to protracted periods of denial. Add a comment

Male #orgasm control

Many women wonder if what we publish here is true, and many of these women like it when they themselves "lose control" to an untamed cock. But if they only knew the power in their hands (literally, over a cock in their hands) improves their lives drastically, then they would realise real thrills in male/female intimacy, as this blogger so wonderfully put it; Add a comment

NSFW: Wife-controlled male #chastity enhances sex

Many posters on the internet seem to have absolutely no idea about the theory of male chastity and masturbation control, and how wonderfully it can enhance erotic pleasure for both husband and wife. Add a comment

Advice to the #Domme in all of us

As a woman, I will never understand why other women don't take advantage of the fact that there are literally millions of men who desire nothing more than to be dominated by a strong female. Add a comment

My #submissive, My Hero!

I think of my slaves as Knights in shining armour, and I am their Queen. Did you read the Faerie tales as a child and dream of white knights, too? These are submissive men. Add a comment

Why my children have my last name rather than my partner's

Children belong to their mother. I feel very very very strongly about this. I wouldn't agree to have children with my partner until I got him to agree that they would be MINE. Yes, from a biological standpoint, they are genetically half mine and genetically half his, but that's where the equality ends... Add a comment

Giving yourself sexually to a #dominant woman

Having sex with a woman who is dominant can be much more different than you imagine. she can be much more demanding than other Women, more willing to experiment and maybe even quite aggressive. Add a comment

The #Dominatrix Trojan Horse

I am coming to the conclusion that the Dominatrix image is a very deceptive archetype that tricks a men into respecting and learning about the feminine right of rule. Add a comment

Why do submissive men want bitches?

I am increasingly frustrated in my search for a new submissive male. Add a comment

Why a Wife Led #Marriage is Best For All

I've talked before about how our wife-led marriage has freed up my time considerably. I now have lots more "me" time to read, watch TV, listen to music or whatever I want. I used to get almost none of that. Add a comment

The Purpose of Paying Tribute & Real Female Supremacy

Last week, a submissive from San Francisco had the honor of serving Me. Towards the end of the session, he, well-meaning gentleman that he is, blurted out, “You have certainly earned your tribute.” If he wasn’t such a sweet puppy dog that ate food off the bottom of My boots earlier, I would have whipped him to the point of permanent trauma (responsibly of course). Add a comment

What is the perfect "#FemDom"?

"I could never be controlled by a Domme who was not completely in control of herself in every area of her life and can not control my life..."

How to embrace #female superiority - My Story

I am a Dominant Woman.

Enslaving male minds with #beauty

Patriarchy is not beautiful. It is unnatural. The role of men is to strive in service to women. It is through loving servitude that men can remain relevant in a matriarchal future, so it is up to us to dress not like men, but as superior women.

The Good Qualities of a #Submissive Male

"Common sense is an uncommon degree is what the world called wisdom." -Samuel Coleridge Add a comment
Men, walk a mile in these women’s shoes, and you if you’re a woman, you already can relate I'm sure. If you're a male, and engage in this pigheadedness, then perhaps it will help you know what it's actually like. Add a comment

Common Sense: The Natural Superiority of Women

One lesson modern philosophers have taught us is that human consciousness is an essentially historical - that is to say - changeable phenomenon. Add a comment
Came across this the other day on a blog I love, and and am reposting here to share. Its not exactly femdom per se, but it shows how rule setting in the households of the enlightened Western world have grown more and more female centric. Imagine our grandmothers trying to lay out these rule, if you want to get what i mean... Add a comment

Woman is supreme - She is a whole being

Man is but a mutation from the whole - he is an unfortunate necessity in a fallen material world. As the sperm is to the egg so is man to woman - If woman does not accommodate him then he is nothing - his journey futile and foolish - doomed to emptiness. She will only open up to him if he is obedient and suitable.  Add a comment