Ms. Charlotte: Teaching the male to know his place


Personally I am not in favour of mixing my husband’s punishments with anything even remotely erotic but I am strongly in favour of psychological emasculation being an integrated part of all aspects of everyday life.

It is a matter of first teaching the male to know his place and then never letting him forgetting his subordinate status. ‘diminish his masculine egotism’ is a good way of expressing it especially because the typical ‘masculine egotism’ is a product of the masculine sexuality if untamed and uncontrolled overshadows all other parts of a male’s personality.

The first and basic step in controlling and handling a male is to prevent his sexuality from controlling him and to deprive him of the use of his sexuality. After taking this step, for instance by keeping him permanently locked up in a chastity device and handling his first big frustrations with consistent firm and painful discipline until he surrenders and accepts the chastity device as a natural condition in his life, it is important to follow up with intensive psychological emasculation by consistently treating and handling him in ways that clearly signalises his inferiority and subordinate status, signalises that masculinity is inferior, signalises that all signs and expressions of male sexuality is highly improper unless it is specifically demanded by a woman and signalises that in all matters feminine norms, values and standards are what counts.

He must never be allowed to forget that he is only a male and forever inferior and predestined to serve the superior female and therefore it is his duty to humbly and obediently submit and adjust to female rules and values in all things. Even if the woman the male belongs to appreciates aspects of the masculine nature or at least enjoys the occasionally use of his sexuality it is best to teach the male that everything masculine and especially the masculine sexuality is primitive, inferior and disgusting and he should be ashamed of only being a male.

The more demonstratively and consistently every sign of masculine ways and values is ridiculed and suppressed in all aspects of the male’s everyday life and work the more effective is the psychological emasculation and the better is the male adjusted to his subservient role in the feminised household.

The way he is spoken to, is dressed, is expected to do his chores, is supposed to conduct himself quietly and humbly, is required to show his respect and submission, is told and not asked to do things, is openly expected to serve and is being used also sexually should never leave him in doubt of his inferiority and subservient status and because the sexuality is so big and dominant a part of the primitive male nature the demonstrative and rigorous emasculation is of the greatest importance.

Being deprived of his sexuality makes a male feel powerless and even worthless and he surrenders and submits to the woman who controls his sexuality. Therefore it is an effective part of the constantly ongoing psychological emasculation to frequently make him experience sexual excitement but also that he and his sexuality are completely superfluous.

It is in this way I use my dildo and vibrator to ‘diminish his masculine egotism’ and show him that his sexuality is my property and his penis is my toy but I do not really need his sexuality and I have other toys that give me more pleasure.

Sometimes I use the vibrator when we are in bed but without allowing him to participate or intervene in any way. At other times I stop him licking my pussy when we both are worked up and I take the vibrator from the bedside table and use it with him just watching from the foot of the bed or perhaps kicked out of the bed and sitting on the floor. Or I have him resting in my arm as a little baby, holding one of my breasts and sucking the nipple (he loves that and has to be a very good boy to be rewarded with permission to suck my nipple) and then I take the vibrator and satisfy my lust. I can also use the vibrator when sitting astride him and enjoy feeling his body but do not allow him any part of my sexual pleasure.

There are many ways to do it and it is amusing and adds to my excitement and joy that I can see on his face and hear on his breathing that he is excited and his penis is painfully swelling the little it can when locked safely in his chastity device. His frustration and humiliation is obvious and great when he witnesses my excited pleasure as I with the vibrator am on the way to climax in a wonderful blissful orgasm. A few words commenting on how wonderfully pleasurable the vibrator is compared to the ridiculous organ is usually enough to make him cry.

This little game always has a very taming effect on him. His lust has been woken and he has been reminded of his sexuality but also reminded of me being in full control of his sexuality and doing very well without it. Not even in a purely serving role was he needed or considered useful and still I enjoyed the most pleasurable orgasm in front of him. This ridicules his masculine sexuality, exposes his inferiority and shows him that he is best off suppressing all sexual feelings and canalise the sexual energy into useful things like domestic chores.

It is a funny and exciting way of deliberately humiliating, psychologically emasculating him and ‘diminish his masculine egotism’ and I guarantee that it has a fabulous effect on him. Of course it is only one of many ways and methods of emasculation and discipline that all in different ways help keeping him bridled and in line and aware of his inferiority and subservient status. No matter how often he watches me pleasuring myself with the vibrator a sound thrashing with the cane or strap still answers its purpose and so does dressing him in a style that is emphasised feminine and all the other ways he is disciplined, controlled, humbled and emasculated.

I have never in front of him had sex with another woman but I am certain that passively watching me enjoying sexual pleasures in bed with another woman would have the same and probably an even stronger effect on him. That I have never done it is not a conscious decision to spare him the humiliation but somehow it has just come natural that this part of my sexual life has always been away from home. is a web reader on the topic of Women Rule and Female Supremacy. In addition to our own writing, we compile content shared with us by our audience into one easy to read portal as a service to our readers. All views are those of the respective authors, as are ownership rights. We always attempt to link to the original source and give credit where credit is due, so if your content is posted here and you wish it removed, contact us and we will gladly remove it, or correct the sourcing links as you wish. To submit articles send to info(AT) Thanks.

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