Humble, Worshipful Gyneolatry


Perhaps it can be argued that the ritual adoration of a beautiful Woman is an appropriate preparation for theological worship of the Deity that most organised religions posit as the Creator of the Universe, etc

Some churches and temples present congregants with physical, visible images of the Deity or the Prophet at the head of their particular pantheon. Others, having discovered a passage that says “Thou shalt not make … a graven image” consider those statues, pictures and what-have-you sinful and evil. At least one church has it both ways: accept the Bible as literal truth, but crowd their houses of worship with icons and holy pictures. Another faith, eschewing holy pictures of any sort, careful directs worshipers to the geographical location where the key personality of the religion lived, or where He is buried.

The point is, that human psyches welcome a tangible focus for their feelings, a target at which to aim their prayers, praises and petitions. Sensible adherents of these religions explain that it’s just a symbol: We are not worshiping the idol, they hasten to protest. Even those who ban portraits of prophets usually have a mental image of some sort in mind during their devotions.

Those, then, who worship at the Church of Gynocracy (for want of a better name—name it what you will, but let’s not argue about that!) focus their attention on their particular Goddess. Many theologies teach something along the line that the prophet, the priest or the avatar is mystically identical to the Godhead (again, a term of convenience). Goddess worshipers conflate the Woman of their dreams and devotions with what some (particularly in the long-forgotten past of the human race) call The Goddess: the all-powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing, ultimately just First Principle of Existence.

Total submission, absolute self-abnegation and groveling obedience to his fleshly Goddess by a male who have given himself to Female Domination does things to that man. He becomes, as the Dominant Feminists like to say, a better man for it. Striving to be a better slave to the Goddess—his Goddess, if one may use the possessive pronoun—makes him more sensitive to other people, more caring, more everything that society in general recognizes as improved humanity.

At the same time, enforced chastity, if that is part of this particular Goddess’s religious commandments, reduces what is generally recognized as socially undesirable traits: rape, adultery, incest, etc. (For a cuckolding Goddess to commit adultery can be justified, in this situation, by Her Divine Station of being above human law.) Additionally, the lucky man whose reproduction is controlled by his Goddess-Owner learns self-control—eventually—and that is in itself a virtue.

A good and just Mistress-Owner will teach Her male to speak politely (and sometimes more than merely politely!) and to accept discipline gratefully. In many instances, She will coach Her male the useful art of cunnilingus, a talent that can be used, under Her guidance, of course, to increase the happiness, joy and pleasure of Herself, and if She is pleased to direct, other deserving Females of the human race. Any Woman knows that providing Her pleasure is a far better use for a male tongue than almost anything he can say to anyone under any circumstances.
The other valuable accomplishment of a man’s tongue, frequently employed under the enlightened tutelage of a Dominant Woman, is cleaning and polishing Her footwear.

Not infrequently, a Woman will direct Her male to massage Her bare feet with that same tongue. As with other applications, this can provide relaxation and pleasure to the deserving Lady, thus increasing the male’s contribution to the overall happiness quotient of society. Even setting aside the economic considerations of such lingual labour (not to mention all the other valuable aid rendered by a male under the control and direction of a thoughtful Woman), there is another character-building aspect.

The basic raw symbolism of a man licking the boots of a Goddess (that is, the Woman to Whom he is devoted) is again, like so many other aspect already mentioned here, is to teach the male humility. As character traits go, particularly in theological contexts, humility is a certainly a basic core value. By dropping to his knees, perhaps prostrating himself on the floor and even crawling to Her exalted presence, a man learns the proper attitude, not to mention the correct physical position, to approach the all-powerful Diety at the heart of any religion. At the same time he performs the useful service of cleaning and shining Her shoes or boots, the male is learning a sense of service, a feeling of humility, and, in its odd way, an awareness of pride in a difficult job well done.

It should go without saying that a carefully considered discipline program by the Goddess is a necessary part of the male’s learning process. With Her inherent sense of care, a Woman will not seriously injure Her male with Her whip, cat or cane. She will judiciously punish him, and there will be real and lasting pain, but it will heal. In the process, by training him to thank Her as an article of Gynocratic theology, She instills an understanding and appreciation of the need for guidance and of responsibility for his actions or lack of them.

Finally, by performing all of this religious worship and service without the physical and psychological protection of clothing, the male slave learns to rely on himself, not a projected image based on the appearance of what he wears. Stripped of garments, and perhaps confined with collar, manacles and chains or other trappings of thralldom, he is reduced to minimum basics of personhood—not to mention, as well, that this condition facilitates all the learning experiences imposed for his own good by the Goddess.

So it is that Female Domination turns out to be good for a man’s soul. Woman, on the other hand, deserves to be pampered, catered to, and prepared for the experience of command this is rightfully Hers so that the world will be a better place for Her potential reign of right and justice.

(Bootlicker, my passionate friend, has commented on my Femdom sites since that very personal blog about a Femdom love affair. His comments are pertinent (no small thing that) and insightful. I feel a real kinship with this man, who I have never met. He left this on a comment elsewhere.) is a web reader on the topic of Women Rule and Female Supremacy. In addition to our own writing, we compile content shared with us by our audience into one easy to read portal as a service to our readers. All views are those of the respective authors, as are ownership rights. We always attempt to link to the original source and give credit where credit is due, so if your content is posted here and you wish it removed, contact us and we will gladly remove it, or correct the sourcing links as you wish. To submit articles send to info(AT) Thanks.

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